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Support Flagstaff Piano Festival

Join the distinguished list of Flagstaff Piano Festival donors,

by contributing to the fund that enables a healthy operating budget, guest artist appearances,

faculty & staff support, Academy scholarships, and Competition prizes.

To donate, click on the GIVE button below.

Once on the NAU Giving website, type "Piano Activities Fund" in the search box,

then select this fund below to proceed with the donation for Flagstaff Piano Festival. 

Thank you for your support!

Grateful to Our Supporters

Flagstaff Piano Festival operations and programs are made possible by the generous support of

Emeriti Professors Fredricka Stoller & Bill Grabe

Karen & Michael Kitt

The NAU Foundation

The Catherine B. Adel Music Endowment

NAU Kitt School of Music – Director Eric Lenz

NAU College of Arts and Letters – Dean Christopher Boyer

NAU Office of the Provost – Provost Karen Pugliesi

NAU Office of the President – President José Luis Cruz Rivera

NAU Auditoria Staff

Thank you!

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